I am the worlds poor pessimist.

20. Female. Somewhere in my own mind.

Anonymous said: please sweep me off my feet and lets run off into the sunset..


can we bang?


flirting w/ bae


flirting w/ bae

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*organizes life at 3am*

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things i love

  • hot dads
  • hot 35 year olds
  • powerful men
  • rich men
  • hot dads

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i love BDSM


i love Big Dog So Much

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My cat just rolled off my bed he looked so surprised he thought there was more bed hahaha

actually being interested in someone is highly frustrating I remember why I rep da cold heart

“Sometimes my vision becomes blurred and I can’t see the future anymore. In times like this, I seek clarity by taking myself out of the picture for a while.”

“Everytime I read our old texts,
I feel as though I’m choking on blood.”

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grumpy gal 2k14

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Fun fact if you talk to me past midnight i get real personal and it’s weird

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